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Who is my Probation Officer (PO)?

Upon being placed on formal probation (and immediately upon release from custody when on probation), you must immediately report to 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, California, at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility (Sheriff’s Building), Room A, second floor, and provide probation with your current address, phone numbers, and all relevant contact information. Your assigned probation officer will contact you via mail or phone within 30 days of the date you were granted probation to set up your first appointment/intake meeting. If you have not heard from your probation officer within a 30-day period, have your case number, date of birth, and Social Security number available and call the Ventura County Probation Agency at one of the locations nearest your residence.

Provide the receptionist with your case number and relevant identifying information and you will be connected to your assigned probation officer or the Officer-of-the-Day (OD) at your local Probation office.

Upon being approved for and provided mail-in reporting forms, you should immediately make additional copies for yourself. However, should you run out, you may contact your probation officer to request additional forms. SEE: Who is my PO?

If this is an emergency (i.e., any life or death or otherwise dangerous situation), call 9-1-1 immediately and report the circumstances right away.

In non-emergency situations, call the Ventura County Probation Agency at one of the sites listed via the “Contact Us” link on the home page.

Request to speak to the probation officer assigned. If you do not know the name of the probation officer assigned, simply report the name of the person who is on probation and your concerns. You may be directed to the probation officer or to the Officer-of-the-Day (OD).

You must contact your assigned probation officer, who will determine your eligibility/approval for jurisdictional transfer. SEE: Who is my PO?

You must report immediately, in-person, to the Ventura County Probation Agency, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, California, at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility (Sheriff’s Building), Room A, second floor. Failure to report immediately may constitute a violation of your grant of probation, so do not delay.

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., subject to certain holiday closures.

Grants of probation generally have a pre-determined length of term, subject to change. You may call your assigned probation officer to inquire about your grant term(s) and expected expiration/targeted expiration date(s). SEE: Who is my PO?

The letter you received contains a victim information form/packet requesting specific information about losses incurred along with instructions for completing the form(s). The instructions also include the name and telephone number of the probation officer requesting the information and where to mail the form(s) upon completion. Should you have additional questions/concerns, you may wish to contact the probation officer whose name and telephone number are listed on the instruction letter/request. You may also call Ventura County Probation Agency Records at (805) 654-2132.

You should report, in-person, to your probation officer at your local reporting office or to the Officer-of-the-Day (OD) at your local reporting office.

If this is not possible, you may also contact the Ventura County Superior Court Criminal/Traffic Division at (805) 289-8545 and follow the instructions provided. On the Internet, you may also access the Ventura County Superior Court self-help criminal case inquiry data base (http://www.ventura.courts.ca.gov/case-inquiry.html).

Clients are requested to report a change of residence and/or law enforcement contact within 10 days.

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